Sunday, July 10, 2005

Jazz in Chicago

Chicago has some nice options for jazz:

Andy's Jazz Club - a restaurant/bar with live jazz on stage. The restaurant is centered around the live show, so having a table is pretty near essential for enjoying it. Otherwise you are going to be crowded around the bar. Getting a table is easy though, just get on the list... even if you're only going to have dessert.

The Green Mill - a smoky little bar (really smoky little bar) which is also centered around the live jazz. There is a mini stage behind the bar. Here's a very long and detailed review of the Green Mill.

Jazz Showcase - a superb listening venue for jazz artists. The seats are up-close against the just-above-floor-level stage, creating a personal, living-room vibe for the audience and performers. The bar is off to the side towards the back and doesn't interfere with the show at all.

Michel Petrucciani: Power of Three

Piano, guitar, saxophone. Petrucciani, Jim Hall, Wayne Shorter. A live recording in from the 1986 Montreux Jazz Festival, recorded when Pe...